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2 March 2018

We've added Evolve in Johannesburg, South Africa to our network

We welcome Evolve in Johannesburg, South Africa as 13th partner in our global network

2 February 2018

Wake Up Hiring Manager! Here is why you are not hiring fast enough!

We know exactly where the global talent market is standing. Client market or candidate market? Easy! But how often are candidates solicited for a vacancy today? What makes them move in the end? What do they really think about your company?

22 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Its been a great year
working with you and for you.
Have a happy holiday season and a cheerful Christmas!

21 December 2017

Vrouwen die onderhandelen tijdens een sollicitatie worden niet gewaardeerd

Lens, Executive Search wilde onderzoeken hoe de Gender Pay Gap, het verschil in beloning tussen mannen en vrouwen voor gelijk werk, kan worden verklaard.

19 December 2017

We've added Qualitas Management Consulting Vienna to our global network

We welcome Qualitas Management Consulting Vienna as 12th partner in our global network.

12 December 2017

Increase your ROI by Hiring The Right People

Lens has been searching and placing various talented specialists and executives for the last then years. What have we done for our clients and the different industries we work in? In this blog, Dave Heilbron recalls a perfect example from the Building & Construction Industry.

2 November 2017

Lens, Executive Search: 10 years of Searching for Excellence

Lens, Executive Search is celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

27 September 2017

Our network expands to Norway with Human Assets Consulting in Oslo

The Kennedy Executive Network has a new member: HA Consulting in Oslo.

4 September 2017

Six reasons your CV is not good enough

What are the top 6 reasons your CV is not good enough?

17 July 2017

The impact of Brexit for talents in Finance

Talent leaving London!

22 June 2017

Gender Pay Gap Part 4: the Role of Hiring Managers and Recruiters.

Diving into the fourth reason for the Gender Pay Gap.

7 June 2017

Will being part of the LGBT community affect your career?

Our partner Dave Heilbron writes on what impact it has on your career when you're being part of the LGBT community.

30 May 2017

Gender Pay Gap Part 3: does motherhood matter?

Diving into the third reason for the Gender Pay Gap.

13 April 2017

Gender Pay Gap Part 2: Why women do not negotiate

The follow-up on our first blog that researchers the reasons behind the Gender Pay Gap.

30 March 2017

Change before you have to — Big Data based Decision Making

Big data is a hot topic for many organizations. But without management and people’s brains you cannot use this data. Who is going to translate data into decision making?

30 March 2017

Gender Pay Gap – Alive & Kicking!

In Europe, the overall salary in 2015 of women was 16,9% below the salary of men. In management positions this was even worse; women earn 23,4% less! (Source Eurostat).