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research consultant

We are constantly looking for the best people to join our team. Our clients are asking for the best new employees. If you're the one who can find those people, come and find us at our office in Amsterdam! You will be responsible for talent acquisition, pipelining and contacting candidates. In short: You are the Research Consultant who delivers.

Give us a call at +31(0)204623060. We are looking forward hearing from you!

Carl Lens
Carl Lens
managing partner

“I earned my spurs at two international recruitment and search agencies before setting out on my own. What fascinates me about our business – well, many things of course – but if I had to name one, it would be finding out what makes someone tick in life. Rather odd, isn’t it: that money is rarely the thing that keeps people going in their work. A sense of meaning - far more important."

"Outside the office I’m interested in keeping fit; a bit of a health freak, really. I play quite a few sports – of which I practice running most consistently. Married, yes, and with great children, too.”

Bart Heerdink

“My main search area at Lens is the healthcare industry. Executive search is a trade you discover rather than acquire through education: in my case, it was the project quartermaster role I often filled in my earlier career. In design, in architecture and e-culture, I was always in search of specific capacities to fill for the projects and programmes I developed. Today, judging someone’s aptitude for a given position is second nature to me. “

“I find that plain old eagerness is a great tell-tale sign. It’s simple and straightforward: if the prospect of a job excites you, you’re likely to do well at it.”

“Though I’m a real city boy, I do greatly enjoy gardening in my spare time. I also volunteer at the animal rescue.”

Hanneke van Vliet
Sr. Research Associate

“Keeping a healthy, friendly and productive work environment is my reason to be at Lens, and I thoroughly enjoy it.“

“I’m also especially keen on welcoming candidates to the office: after all, these people are facing important changes in their life. I like to make them feel at home with a hot coffee or tea and a chat too.

“I’m a real people person myself, so it comes naturally: my free time I often spend meeting friends and family, and enjoying nature by making cycling trips around Europe.”