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At Lens, we allow talent to flourish; organisations to grow. We look for professionals who shape the work they do and who are themselves shaped by their work. Rather than pairing CVs to profiles, here’s what modern-day executive search comes down to - in our book.

We care about meaningful conversations

You cannot become a consultant at Lens, without a serious interest in people. What brings you to flourish? What circumstances make you thrive? Your parents, what did they do? How do you spend your time alone? That kind of attention isn’t just for our personal pleasure. It also makes for a much better professional match. We deeply understand the necessity of a match at the personal level, rather than a superficial overlap between competences and requirements. If you let us, we’re going to shake things up. For the better of course – always for the better.

The time we take to invest in conversation isn’t limited to our talks with candidates – we invest in such talks with our clients, too. Pulling apart the drivers behind an initial job profile description regularly reveals the implicit drivers and considerations underneath – and such talks easily result in a rewrite of the description based on our recommendations. Sometimes, the best input comes from a trained outsider – Lens, in fact.

We believe in the power of data

The detailed information from a thorough analysis of market data is an invaluable component in executive search today. The conventional understanding of data is almost synonymous with big data: anonymous, quantitative, huge. At Lens, we gain our advantage from the qualitative kind of data: an in-depth understanding of who’s doing what in which market. This is why we keep a meticulous habit of visiting relevant conferences, meetups and exchanges, for example – always with an ear to the ground.


  • learns what your team requires;
  • knows who’s where in the market;
  • finds the people that fit;
  • and matches what motivates them;
  • to what your team has to offer.

The result is a lasting match, for mutual satisfaction. Because, whether you’re a client or a candidate: a lot of life is working together.

Areas of focus

Roughly, we might say we find a lot of talent for teams in:

  • the healthcare industry;
  • finance and risk management;
  • not-for-profit and NGOs.

But… that would be cutting us a bit short. Because we really do find quite a few talents at Lens, in areas quite unrelated: construction, insurance, FMCG… we’re really quite comfortable in any area where people need people to succeed. And that’s pretty much the case… anywhere.

Try Lens, and see who we find.

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