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Team Lead Strategic Science – The Randstad

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Our client has been specialising in the development and production of premium probiotic formulas since 1991. As a Team Lead Strategic Science you know how to expand the presence of our client on the national and international stage. You will expand its academic, medical and commercial network and seek new (medical) indications, research opportunities and […]

Commercial Manager Scale-Up – The Randstad

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In the Netherlands alone more than a billion euro is spent every year on the treatment of pressure ulcers or bedsores. Our client has developed a highly innovative non-invasive patient monitoring system for hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions to prevent these wounds from occurring in the first place. The product provides movement insights, […]

Technical Marketing Manager – Oost Nederland

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Our customer is a highly innovative and mighty player in the world of clinical chemistry. With great energy and ambition the company is quickly expanding its product portfolio. The company is building a new product line ‘from scratch’. The design is smaller, more resilient, more intelligent, in short, better than available products from bigger suppliers.This […]

Manager Visie & Innovatie – Amersfoort

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Onze opdrachtgever, een van de grootste zorgverzekeraars van Nederland, bouwt aan de toekomst van de gezondheidszorg in Nederland. Zet veranderingen in gang om de zorg in ons land op hoog niveau te houden.Het team Visie & Innovatie werkt bevlogen en vanuit overtuiging aan de zorgtransitie. De uitdagingen om de zorg betaalbaar en kwalitatief hoogstaand te […]

Senior Zorginkoper – Zuid-West Nederland

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De visie van onze opdrachtgever is helder en duidelijk: zij gelooft dat goede inkoop aan de basis staat van goede zorgverlening. Hiertoe wordt onderhandeld met zorgaanbieders, niet alleen over de prijzen, maar vooral ook over de stappen die aanbieders kunnen en moeten maken in het verhogen van veiligheid en kwaliteit en bijvoorbeeld het verkorten van […]

Team Lead Mechanical Engineering – Utrecht

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Lens, Executive Search is looking for a Team Lead Mechanical Engineering to join our clients talented and highly skilled team in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a varied, interesting role and work within a dynamic, innovative culture; rapidly challenging and broadening your skills and developing your career.