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Chief Operations Officer – The Netherlands – PLACED


Our client is at the core of innovation in the day-to-day management of Diabetes. People dealing with this condition have great benefit from superior accurate insulin delivery and control. Our client is providing exactly this in a discrete, simple way that leaves room for choice on how to live life ‘in your own way’.

Founded in 2013, in The Netherlands, our client is a leading early-stage commercial company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialisation of their products, designed to help people with diabetes live life on their own terms.

Driven by belief in the power of innovative healthcare products that put people first and a desire to be meaningfully different, their products aims to reduce the impact that diabetes can have on daily life. It’s products infuse colour and choice into the market, networking their products into a broader family of easy-to-use products and data services to create a customer-focused, integrated diabetes support service.

With in-house software development and manufacturing, our client is setting its sights on expanding their products usage by appealing to both first time and experienced users. New management has come in to lead the company to its scaling phase, and as a result our client is now looking for a senior leader in Operations. It’s main product received CE mark in 2016 and following external patient trials launched in The Netherlands in 2018 and in the United Kingdom in 2019. The device will be launched in additional, select European territories in the coming months. Our client is aiming to file for registration in the US, early 2022.

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